A Polyamide Alternative to Lithium Grease Thickeners.

Competitive Alternative for Lithium, Polyurea, and Calcium Sulfonate

  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability
  • Free from isocyanate and metal ions for an ashless solution
  • Nearly universal base oil compatibility

Cost Saving

If you're currently using lithium-based grease thickeners, you might not be aware of the advantages of polyamides. Discover how polyamide technology from INVISTA, a trusted name in Nylon 6,6 and polypropylene, can enhance your specific application. Connect with our team to explore your options or request a sample. We're here to assist you. 

  • Lower cost compared to increasing lithium prices
  • Inherent properties may require less additives


  • Pre-formed - consistency in product
  • Mechanically stable
  • Potential to reduce production time
    (compared to in situ lithium)

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