Improved recyclability for food and beverage packaging

For cups, lids, disposable food containers and other products that require thin walls and high-speed production, INVISTA offers recyclable and lightweight polypropylene options that seamlessly integrate into the recycling stream. From high stiffness to ultra-clear appearance and impact strength, our thermoforming grades are formulated to prevent dust and static electricity. Many of our blow-molding grades are also compatible with this process.

Thermoforming Grades

We offer a range of polypropylene resins for converters to turn into sheets formulated to your specifications. For bottles and other packaging requiring barrier protection for nonpasteurized beverages, ask about our Nextend™ grades. Please use this link to access our SDS Search.

Ask about polypropylene for thermoformed applications, including:

  • Hot and cold beverage lids
  • Disposable drinkware
  • Stadium cups
  • Single-use coffee pods
  • Deli cups
  • Takeout containers
  • Food storage containers
  • Reusable packaging
  • Disposable packaging
  • Food trays and lids



Packaging, portion cups, hot and

cold beverage lids

Impact Copolymer


Corrugated sheet

Random Copolymer


Clear containers and hot fill applications


Food packaging, cups and bottles


Food packaging, cups and bottles

Specialty Products


Thick sheeting, large bottles


Bottles and containers


Containers, bottles with higher O2 barrier


Containers, bottles with higher O2 barrier

Unsure which grade is best suited for your requirements?

Our technical team is available to help you select or customize a grade to meet your specifications.

Better Positioned to Help

Our world-scale facility in Longview, Texas, is solely dedicated to polypropylene production and new product development. INVISTA has more than 100 different grades of polypropylene to help you achieve the right balance of clarity, impact strength, barrier properties and more.

We produce more than 800 million pounds of polypropylene a year, giving you access to reliable long-term supply. Located 200 miles inland from the Gulf Coast, we are in a better position to continue operating without interruption when weather affects supply chains along the coast.

Stewardship Vision

Our focus on long-term stewardship offers many reasons to make INVISTA your preferred polypropylene partner.

Environmental Stewardship

Polypropylene is more recyclable than polyethylene or polystyrene. The result is less polypropylene-based plastic in landfills in areas where recycling is available.


Our specialized polypropylenes open the door to new possibilities for the future of packaging. The impact resistance of DuraTemp™ polypropylene reduces the need for excess packing materials. These are only the beginning of more than 100 different options available at INVISTA.

Health and Safety

Awards and recognition for our facility in Longview, Texas, including VPP Star certification, demonstrate our promise to protect the safety of employees, the community and the environment while managing supply chains responsibly.

Polypropylene Helps You Do More with Less

As an alternative to polystyrene and polyethylene, polypropylene can be easily integrated with existing recycling streams, improving re-use opportunities and reducing sorting costs.

Lower specific gravity (density) = more parts per kg and less kg per part.

PS = 1.04 g/cc, PET = 1.40 g/cc, PP = 0.90 g/cc.

Less solid waste (adjusted for specific gravity)

Delivery Options

Customizing your order at INVISTA includes choosing the product quantity and distribution methods that are sized for you. We are equipped to accommodate bulk requests but also offer the flexibility to fill smaller amounts, so you only have to purchase what you need.


~200k lbs.

Standard Box

1,500 lbs.

Bulk Truck

~50k lbs.

Work with INVISTA

See why polypropylene can improve the performance and recyclability of thermoformed food packaging products. Submit your questions or requests to our specialists.

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